Registry of the Working Hours of Drivers

    In response to the current needs of transport companies, we offer you our services in keeping comprehensive records of the working hours of professional drivers engaging in national and international transport, based on digital tachograph driver cards, by utilising a licensed computer program used by inspection authorities in Poland and most of the EU countries.

    The use of a modern device and software ensures high accuracy of readings and short execution time.

    Our registry of the working hours of drivers allows to deal with the offences committed by the drivers as they arise, while ensuring legal security of the transport undertaking and allowing to avoid high financial penalties imposed by state inspection authorities.

    Basic services include:

    Analysing the working time and rest periods of the drivers in light of the existing Community and national provisions, i.e. the Act of 16 April 2004 (as amended) on the working time of drivers, Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 and the [Polish] Labour Code;

    • Keeping records of the working time of the drivers, in accordance with art. 25 of the Act of 16 April 2004 (as amended) on the working time of drivers, i.e. data readout of driver card files and tachograph memory;
    • Preparing monthly reports on the drivers, based on the information retrieved from their driver cards (driving periods, breaks, daily and weekly rest periods);
    • Listing all instances of the drivers’ exceeding the permitted norms for driving periods, breaks, daily and weekly rest periods, as defined by Regulation (EC) No 561/2006.
    • We sort the card files by the drivers;
    • Based on the performed analysis of the record sheets and digital tachograph driver cards, and depending on the characteristics of your undertaking, we provide advice on selecting the optimal terms of employment for your professional drivers;
    • Preparing lists of estimated sanctions, based on the existing classification of driver offences;
    • Preparing lists of missing data or deficiencies in record sheets.