Tank trucks


    Tank trucks

    Our tanker department specializes in the international road transport of liquid cargo. We provide services for the carriage of dangerous (ADR) and neutral goods. Our modern fleet meets all the requirements associated with the transportation of liquid goods, especially dangerous goods (ADR).
    Our fleet is constantly monitored with GPS systems, which means that the transported cargo is under permanent control.

    Our key advantages:

    – we always meet delivery deadlines;
    – we organize carriage from the shipper to the recipient;
    – we conclude long-term or one-off shipment contracts;
    – we accept and issue forwarding orders;
    – we draw up full transport documentation.

    Our fleet

    Our fleet includes 28 sets for the transportation of liquid fuels, neutral chemicals, and ADR hazardous goods. They are at your disposal 24/7:
    – We provide single- and multi-chamber chemical tankers with a capacity of 30-34 thousand litres.
    – Our tractor units are equipped with compressors for unloading liquid chemicals.
    – Our fuel tankers are equipped with measurement systems for output products, including diesel oil, petrol, and light fuel oil.